Tuition Assistance

Currently there is no educational or grant money available for student athletes who attend college prep programs. Because of this, F.O.D.S.A. was formed as a (501)c3 to enable sponsorship from businesses, family and friends to assist in the tuition. (Tax Deductible)

Once you have committed to F.O.D.S.A. you will have access to a personalized fundraising campaign to assist you with covering the cost of the tuition. You will be able share the platform via social media, text, and emails. We recommend to make your decision early so that you have more than enough time to raise funds. 

We also have a group of lenders who may be able to provide anywhere from a 2 year to 5 year monthly payment plan.  Please contact us for more details on our Loan Options.


For more information on the fundraising platform please contact us!