Post Grad Training Program

Stay In The Fight

Every time an athlete steps on the field to compete, an athlete must be able to stay in the fight. Having the confidence in knowing that you are both Physically and Mentally prepared is essential in the success of every athlete.  

The first step we take in preparing our student athletes is to create a individualized strength and conditioning program.


Each athlete receives an ultrasound body scan using the BodyMettix System. The system offers the same professional-grad ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers. Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition. Track fat and muscle thickness to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of diet and exercise.


Monitor compliance provide individualized attention to our athletes, so they develop their craft through safe, results-driven methods. In addition to skills training, we focus on specific technical skill work, including weight room training, speed explosions, and position-specific fundamentals.

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