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Our Story

From The Gulf Of Florida to The Mountains of North Carolina

Established in 2020, FODSA's story in many ways is just beginning. While going through many growing pains, the first 2 years we have successfully provided a platform that has helped over 60 young athletes academically, athletically, and spiritually follow their dreams on and off the field. 

Our founder and head coach, Al Holland Jr. comes from a strong background in athletics and academics.  While understanding that all young athletes are not delt the same hand in life, our goal is to provide an affordable opportunity for each young athlete to reach their dream of becoming a college level athlete. We have brought together a diverse group of young athletes from all over the US and not only competed athletically together but became family.

Over the first 2 years the Stallion’s football team has successfully completed 2 fall seasons and 1 spring season going a total record of 17-5 with over 90% of our athletes earning rosters spots, and/or scholarships to D1, D2, D3, and NAIA schools across the nation. 

FODSA thanks the young athletes, staff and parents who have paved the way allowing us to become one of the Best Programs in the nation. Their success and stories have now given us the opportunity to move from one beautiful place to another.  FODSA's home will now sit on over 280 acres on the out skirts of Winston Salem and Greensboro, NC offering all the amenities one can ask for.  This opportunity is by the grace of GOD and will now allow for coach Holland to expand on his vision of helping youth follow their dreams. Our Academy will not only offer post grad but offer youth camps, summer camps, training facilities, host youth tournaments and showcase camps for all ages and sports enjoying the peace and beauty of the mountain. The property name will be...


Visions of Hope and Dreams

-where for some the impossible becomes possible-