H.S. Replacement Classes 

How It Works

Once you have committed to F.O.D.S.A., the first step will be determining whether you can become D1, D2, D3 or NAIA eligible. Student athletes will then enroll in our online NCAA approved core classes that can be completed at their own pace supervised by Metacognition Academy. Students will have access to tutoring throughout the duration of the class(es). Prior to enrolling, our academic team will carefully review your final transcript and contact you an your parents to discuss your options. The biggest benefit to you is NO LOSS OF ELIGIBILITY.

Listed below are the NCAA rules for core replacement courses.

Division 1 Schools

Division I schools allow you to complete one additional core-course unit after you graduate high school, as long as you graduate in eight semesters after you begin ninth grade. The additional core-course unit must be completed within one year after your high school graduation and must be completed before you enroll in college. Please contact us for adjustments to rules due to Covid-19.

Division 11 Schools

For Division II, you may use an unlimited number of core courses completed after graduation (summer or academic year) before full-time collegiate enrollment. 

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