Tutoring & ACT Prep


Over the years, academic requirements have changed for what it takes to compete in High School and Middle school sports. Not to mention the academic requirements needed to earn athletic scholarships. Time and time again most of have witnessed great athletes but are lacking the academic requirements to play at the next level. As the saying goes "Academics & Athletics go hand in hand", there are few establishments that offer both services.


Our youth program is designed to help student athletes in the classroom and on the playing fields. The approach is simple. The 3 E's. Encourage, Educate, & Empower.

Tutoring Program

All students who wish to train with our professional coaching staff, must also participate in our tutoring program unless they have a 3.0 GPA or higher. We offer tutoring services for 6 - 12th grade in the core areas of Math, English, & Science. 

ACT Prep Course

High School Student Athletes, can enroll in the ACT prep course and learn valuable test taking skills in order to meet the required score needed to earn an athletic scholarships. 

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