Welcome To Stallion Basketball

The Stallion Creed


Faith, Accountability, Commitment, Trust, Sacrifice

These are the core values that we expect from you when you attend F.O.D.S.A. and what you should expect from us. Our staff is fully committed to building a culture of Excellence thru Educating, Encouraging, & Empowering each and every student athlete who attends our program. 


As a stallion, you can expect to be pushed and tested like never before by our coaching staff and the competition you will be facing. 

F.O.D.S.A. is a true one year college prep program that allows you to improve your Academics & Athletic Skills in pursuit of your dreams of playing football at the next level. 

About The Program


Each student athlete receives an individualized blueprint to academic success. We offer our student athletes NCAA approved high school replacement courses and ACT Prep classes to become eligible.  


Studies show if students are in a comfortable environment their ability to focus increases. Our student athletes will experience a comfortable living environment with all the amenities one could ask for.  

Player Development

Our coaching staff evaluates each and every athlete and puts together a strategic plan to enhance each player physically, mentally, and increase their football IQ.


We value the safety of our student athletes. With that being said, all of our players will be equipped with the  newest equipment that meets or exceeds current safety measures. 


While at practice or at games, PT Solutions is there to attend to our student athletes and their needs and ensure the safety of everyone. 

Traing Facality

Student athletes will have a membership to a newly built Crunch Fitness located directly across from our housing community.