Commitment Q&A's

Below you will find some common questions about committing to a Post Grad Program

What if a College Offers me after I committed to FODSA

FODSA wants nothing but the best for our athletes.  We understand that some of our future prospects may receive a scholarship offer later than normal.  You are free to accept the offer with no penalty and a full refund if received by May 1st 2022.

How long do I have to accept the offer?

We recommend that if you decide to choose FODSA as your home, that you do so as soon as possible for various reasons: 

  • Roster Spots are limited by position

  • More time to pay tuition cost for program

  • We start marketing our players once they have committed and paid deposit.

Once I commit, can I start my recover classes if needed?

Yes, once you have committed and have paid deposit, we can get you started on improving your GPA if needed. 

How long do I have before payments begin once I commit?

Once you have committed, you will not officially have a roster spot until your deposit is paid and you have selected your payment plan.