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The Stallion Creed


Faith, Accountability, Commitment, Trust, Sacrifice

These are the core values that we expect from you when you attend F.O.D.S.A. and what you should expect from us. Our staff is fully committed to building a culture of Excellence thru Educating, Encouraging, & Empowering each and every student athlete who attends our program. 


As a stallion, you can expect to be pushed and tested like never before by our coaching staff and the competition you will be facing. 

F.O.D.S.A. is a true one year (if needed) college prep program that allows you to improve your ACADEMICS & Athletic Skills in pursuit of your dreams of playing baseball at the next level. 

About The Program

Our baseball program is a player development and exposure program. Those who attend the academy will go thru an intense off season program that involves strength and conditioning and player development while improving their academics on a case by case scenario.  After winter break, athletes will return to prepare to compete in a 50 to 60 game schedule along with showcase camps exposing them to college and MLB scouts. 

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